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Yesterday was “Read an Ebook Day.” An essential holiday for authors such as myself that provide an Ebook option to the print versions of our books. A small device, like your phone or tablet, can hold thousands of books, and once downloaded, there is no requirement for internet or WiFi availability to access the content. Of course, you can even read on an Ebook application on your laptop or desktop computer.

Options for Reading Ebooks

For avid readers that travel, that means not loading your luggage with pounds of book weight, leaving tons of room for fun souvenirs.

Travel Light with Ebooks

Sight-challenged readers can enlarge the font on their E-reader, allowing them to read previously blurred cloudy images that kept them from enjoying books.

Enlarge Text

When did the concept of Ebooks emerge? Surprisingly in 1930, Bob Brown introduced this idea after watching his first talkie movie. Almost 20 years later, Angela Ruiz Robles designed an automated book reader, the Enciclopedia Mecánica. Her prototype device had graphics and texts loaded on spools and operated with compressed air. Unfortunately, her invention was never mass-produced.

Enciclopedia Mecánica

In 1971, Micheal Hart entered a plain text copy of the Declaration of Independence into a computer and shared it for free downloading on ARPANET. In 1971, He also founded Project Gutenberg, a system that created electronic copies of publications.

Project Gutenberg

Ebooks were commercialized in 1993 via the BiblioBytes website. Free Ebooks websites are Project Gutenberg, Open Library, Internet Archive, PDF Books World, Planet ebook, and Amazon Free Kindle books. Paid versions of Ebooks are widely available on the internet; look here at The Ultimate Guide on Where to Buy Ebooks for many sources.

Open Library

You can find print and Ebook versions of my two poetry books on Amazon. Almanac: The Four Seasons and Family Treasons.

The Author’s Books

What are you reading? Do you prefer Ebooks or the traditional print format? Whatever your preference, there are plenty of options to keep you reading late into the night.

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