National Supply Chain Day

Author JL Huffman
3 min readApr 29, 2024
Supply Chain Model

A packaging outlet introduced this “holiday” in 2020 to recognize the effect the process has on all of us.

Evolution of Transportation

100 years ago, all supply chains were local due to transportation limitations. Early shipping in the 1900’s was in the hands of the Postal Service. The distribution distance increased with the utilization of railroads.

Supply Chain Management

IBM’s computerized forecasting and inventory management system changed the outlook of supply distribution.


The technological revolution led to globalization rather than the previous amalgam of sub-specialties.

Machine Learning >> AI

The supply chain has evolved due to machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).

Backlogged California Ports

The system’s bottom line is “every link in the supply chain matters.” One broken or missing link can cause worldwide disaster. Recall the backlog of international vessels stacked up in Western US coastal waters during the days of COVID-19.

“Never Breaking the Chain” by Hannah Scott

This White Paper provides a more in-depth read on the topic.


A cyberattack can bring the chain to a grinding halt.

JIT process

We are all susceptible to “Just In Time” (JIT) inventory management. You may be surprised to learn that many grocery stores only maintain a three-day supply of food on their premises.

Empty Cupboards

How many days of food do you have in your refrigerator and kitchen cupboards? What if a local, regional, or worse, national disaster occurs and disrupts the JIT-sourced supply chain? Consider and prepare accordingly.

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