National Cheeseburger Day

Author JL Huffman
2 min readSep 18


Cheeseburger Deals

I was first alerted to this event by an X post: “McDonald’s, $MCD, is selling 50-cent double cheeseburgers for National Cheeseburger Day today. Wendy’s, $WEN, is giving them out for a penny (per CNBC).” Another source informed me that Burger King was giving away a “free” cheeseburger with a $1.00 purchase.

Pavlovian Response

Immediately, my Pavlovian response was initiated, and no was bell required (just the photo of the juicy beef and cheese on a toasted bun); the saliva started to flow, and my brain began to think of reasons to head to the closest burger joint. With my mountain home, the journey is not a short one. I elected to remain at my domicile.

Cross-sell vs. Upsell

Wow! What a deal…maybe not, because once you are at the drive-through window or in line in the fast food restaurant, you likely will be tempted to add fries, a drink, and meals for all the other occupants in your vehicle. Suddenly, your “free” cheeseburger has turned into a $20++ cost. It’s a cross-sell/possible upsell deal for the establishment, plus the customer feels like they got a bargain. The joke’s on the consumer.

Resistance is Futile

Were you enticed and entrapped by the cheeseburger advertisement? Or did you resist?

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