I Smell Like Dirt

Today was a great gardening day. I put in three rhubarb plants and two elderberry bushes. I also leveled an adjacent area in preparation for a 2'x8' strawberry bed.

Last fall I built a 3'x6' rock garden bed incorporating a large immovable boulder as one side. It is now home to a dozen newly placed asparagus crowns.

Earlier in the week, I started a large assortment of seedlings: tomatoes (9 different types), peppers (7 types), artichokes, cucumbers, borage and marigolds in my greenhouse. They require a daily drink to facilitate their progress. Tomorrow more seeds will be potted: squash, melons and sunflowers.

From now until frost I am a plant person in the daylight hours. After dark I return to my keyboard planting poems and prose.

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