Hug Day

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Hug Day

The origin of the word hug appears to have come from the Old Norse verb hugga, which means to comfort.

Sun Tzu

Historically, hugs and handshakes were used in warfare to let your adversary know you had no intent of harm by showing you had no visible weapons in hand or on your person.

Hug Benefits

Hugs feel great, but they also have health benefits. A 20-second or greater hug releases oxytocin and serotonin. If a woman receives a hug from a romantic partner before a stressful situation, there is a decrease in the release of the stress hormone cortisol. Hugging may also reduce blood pressure and improve cardiovascular health. In addition, it may cause a reduction in physical pain.

Types of Hugs

There are many types of hugs, which depend on the individual’s level of intrapersonal relationship; the reason for the hug may vary from sharing joy and giving comfort to romantic hugs. The article, Seven Types of Hugs, describes some common examples.

Physical Barriers to Hugs

Many people felt a deep loneliness during the COVID-19 epidemic due to the lack of any physical contact at all, especially hugs.


I know that I am glad to be able to show affection to friends and loved ones once more. Are you happy to hug again?

Boomerang Effect

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