Extreme Weather

Author JL Huffman
3 min readJan 15, 2024

Rain, snow, and subzero temperatures are plaguing the U.S.

Maine Seacoast

In the NE, coastal Maine is experiencing historic flooding.

Mountain Waterfall

Here in our Blue Ridge, NC, mountain community, torrential rains caused our local waterfall to become a muddy raging force. In the valley below, our access road nearly became impassable due to the rising creek.

Musselshell County, MT Temperature

Extreme cold weather in the nation’s midwest has caused power outages in entire counties during the deadly subzero temperatures.

Mahomes Helmet Crack (Photo by Emily Curiel @KCStar )

Even professional football has felt the effects. KC Quarterback Mahomes suffered an unexpected helmet crack during the Chiefs vs. Dolphins game, played in record-breaking chilling temperatures: at kickoff it was minus-4 degrees F with a wind chill of minus-27.

Highmark Stadium, Buffalo, NY (3 1/2 hours before game time)

Monday afternoon, even after a one-day snow delay, the Bills vs. Steelers game will still be plagued by drifts in parking lots and snow-filled seating. Paid locals have been shoveling the seats and bleachers for 24 hours, and many fans will still have to stand in knee-deep snow.

1/15–16/2024 Winter Storm

As the Midwest and East (from the SE to the NE) struggle with inclement weather, NOAA forecasters tell us another set of fronts are coming. Click the link to see the latest information.


I hope all of you are staying warm and dry. We will be watching the playoff game from the comfort of our great room.

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Author JL Huffman

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