COVID is in the house!

Since the first rumors, in December 2019, of a deadly disease spreading like wildfire in China, we’ve avoided infection. We stayed in social isolation for much of 2020, obtained both doses of the Moderna vaccine in early 2021, and even got boosted!

We religiously wore masks during the high contagion periods. Now, we only don our muzzles when required, i.e., medical appointments.

Slowly we have increased interpersonal contact with neighbors, friends, and family. At first with outdoor visits, then with small groups of vaccinated individuals.

Last week we met with a local coffee klatch of nine ladies. Two days later, one was ill, and now four are COVID positive; of the remaining gals, one had a prior recent infection, three are negative, and one is an unknown status. Two of the positive attended another gathering before they knew they were ill. The further spread in our tiny mountain community is yet to be decided.

My wife is one of the COVID-positive individuals, plagued with all the usual symptoms: severe fatigue, intermittent fevers, cough, lack of appetite, and occasional GI distress. So far, my COVID Rapid Antigen tests have been negative, although a mild cough has progressed to a productive cough. In our open concept cabin, isolation is not practical, so time will tell if I will join the ranks of COVID statistics.

I, however, don’t have time to be ill. I’m already a day behind in my garden planting. Today I soldiered on for a few hours, tucking zucchini, squash, and pumpkin seedlings into raised beds. Next, I added bean and nasturtium seeds as companion plants, mulched and watered. Mother Nature is cooperating with my project by sprinkling the garden with light rain.

It appears that COVID will be a lingering nemesis. Here’s to good health to all and productive garden crops.

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Author JL Huffman

Author JL Huffman

I’m a retired Trauma surgeon/ICU doctor, a world traveler and gardener. I’ve published in the surgical literature; now I’m writing poetry, memoir & fiction.