Author JL Huffman
2 min readMay 13, 2024
Home Sweet Home

A home owner’s tale: essential repairs on a twenty-year-old cabin.


Today, our lives are interrupted by the rhythm of laborers and our dogs’ reaction to unfamiliar people and sounds.


A rotting porch landing that needs to be replaced, necessitating crowbars, wood saws, and hammers.

A Doodle Barking

The canine response is sharp and continual: barks alternating with low growls. A chorus of two guard dogs (the above video is not our doodle but accurately represents the chaos).

Wood Staining

On the opposite side of the house, a recent deck railing has completed the requisite aging and is ready for stain. First, a touch-up sanding: a mayhem of machine and menace. The remainder of the task is a quiet one, only the soft bristle of a brush, but our labradoodle still paces and barks at the man, moving silently back and forth outside his windows.


Finally, the workers are done for the day. The quiet is overwhelming!


What disrupts your daily life? Is it construction, wild weather, neighbors, and/or pets?

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Author JL Huffman

I’m a retired Trauma surgeon/ICU doctor, a world traveler and gardener. I’ve published in the surgical literature; now I’m writing poetry, memoir & fiction.